Custom Grinding/Clenching Appliances

Custom Grinding/Clenching Appliances at Albany Creek Dental: Protect Your Smile While You Sleep

At Albany Creek Dental, we understand the discomfort and dental health risks associated with bruxism, a condition characterised by the excessive grinding of teeth or clenching of the jaw. Often occurring during sleep, bruxism can lead to a variety of issues, including jaw pain, headaches, and damage to your teeth. To combat these problems and protect your oral health, we offer custom-fitted occlusal splints, also known as night guards, tailored specifically to your mouth for maximum comfort and effectiveness.


Understanding Bruxism

Bruxism can be triggered by stress, anxiety, abnormal bite, or sleep disorders and may go unnoticed until complications arise. Symptoms include:

  • Jaw pain and tenderness
  • Excessive wear and tear on teeth
  • Headaches and earaches
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Disruption of sleep

Without treatment, bruxism can lead to more severe dental issues, such as fractured teeth, tooth loss, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.


How Occlusal Splints Can Help

Occlusal splints are designed to alleviate the symptoms of bruxism by:

  • Preventing tooth-to-tooth contact, thereby protecting the enamel from wear and reducing the risk of tooth damage.
  • Distributing bite forces evenly across the jaw, which can help relieve pressure on the jaw joints and muscles, reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Minimising the effects of clenching and grinding, which can lead to a better quality of sleep and overall well-being.

The Process of Getting Your Custom Occlusal Splint

Consultation and Diagnosis: Our experienced dentists will conduct a thorough examination to diagnose bruxism and discuss your symptoms and concerns.
Impressions: We take precise impressions of your teeth to ensure that your occlusal splint fits snugly and comfortably.
Custom Fabrication: Your splint is custom-made to match the contours of your teeth and mouth, providing an effective and comfortable solution.
Fitting and Adjustments: Once your splint is ready, you’ll return to Albany Creek Dental for a fitting. We’ll make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.
Follow-Up Care: We’ll provide instructions on how to care for your splint and schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Experience Relief from Bruxism with Albany Creek Dental

If you’re experiencing symptoms of bruxism, don’t wait for the condition to worsen. Custom occlusal splints from Albany Creek Dental can provide the relief and protection you need to preserve your oral health and improve your quality of life. Our team is dedicated to creating personalised solutions that address your specific needs.

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